educator • proven leader • environmental champion • human rights advocate

I’m Veda Kanitz, and I am asking for your support to become your representative in Minnesota House District 57A, serving the communities of Lakeville, Elko New Market, New Market Township, Eureka, and Credit River.

I recently came across the term “solutionary,” which means “a person who identifies inhumane, unsustainable, and unjust systems and then develops solutions that are healthy and equitable for people, animals, and the environment.” That is the type of leadership I aim to provide!

I began my science teaching career in 1980 in Wisconsin. I married my college sweetheart Al, moved to Minnesota, took a job teaching science for Minneapolis Public Schools for one year and then Rosemount High School, and raised a family of 4 wonderful kids. Teaching has been a meaningful career that allowed me to share my love of nature and respect for science with thousands of young people over the years.

I’m running for the MN House because the people who live in my district deserve better leadership, leadership that leverages the power of good government to make all our lives better, protect our environment, and safeguard our hard earned rights and freedoms.

Like so many of us, I got my start in grassroots activism when I joined the Vote No campaign with Minnesotans United for ALL Families to defeat a constitutional ban on gay marriage. I helped start a phone bank at my church, organized events, and trained volunteers. The hateful amendment was defeated, and in August of 2013 the Freedom to Marry Act passed. Love wins!

I’m a …

  • 42 years in MN public schools as a high school science teacher
  • Longtime district resident
  • Climate Reality Leader
  • Recipient of the Willard Munger Award for Distinguished Environmental Stewardship
  • Citizen Lobbyist with Citizens Climate Lobby
  • Co-founder and Chair Emeritus of the DFL Environmental Caucus
  • Senate District Chair, on leave of absence for campaign
  • Congressional District 2 director on the State Executive Committee
  • Former State Platform Committee member
  • 2020 National delegate
  • South of the River CROP Hunger Walk Organizer
  • Proud wife/mom/Grandmother

Prepared and Paid for by Friends of Veda Kanitz, PO Box 291, Elko New Market, MN 55020

Veda's Blog

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